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2013: 364 Days of Opportunities

by Lin Waterhouse on 01/02/13

Since I'm new at this blogging thing, I'll just start out by wishing all of you many happy days in 2013. I know 2012 wasn't a banner year of success for many of us, but we now have 364 days left in the new year to make it truly a special time in our lives.

My wonderful literary agent Jeanie Pantelakis capped the past year by getting married on December 23 to her best friend (so she tells me) Robert Loiacono. I'm hoping their life is one magic romance novel with only happy endings. Congratulations, Jeanie and Robert.

Good luck to all of you. We'll talk again soon.


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1. Mary Sparks said on 1/8/13 - 12:33PM
Looks like you have 2013 off to a great start, Lin!

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